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Professional certification gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Find out more about the forthcoming examination in Melbourne this November; more on certifications here:

GCCC Certification: sit your certification while at #FUSION20

Good news for fellow communication professionals interested in GCCC Certification: We will be hosting a GCCC Certification exam plus the APAC Regional Leadership Institute on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

IABC Victoria will host an exam sitting day (November 2019): All are welcome!

In September IABC Victoria held their first certification exam for the year and congratulated four new Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMPs) on their success. The chapter is now proud to announce that a second CMP and SCMP certification exam will take place in Melbourne on Sunday 24 November 2019.

We encourage anyone interested in certification to apply and sit the exam in Melbourne, particularly if they’re in Australia. If your members or board members are thinking about certification but don’t know where to start, contact IABC Victoria President Sia Papageorgiou, or check the chapter’s website.

Have questions? IABC APAC can organise a Zoom call for those interested in how to prepare for the GCCC exam. Equally, if your chapter would like to hold an exam, we will be happy to talk with you about it.

“For those communicators who have been in the business for a long time, we know communication is a critical management function. Yet we still come across those people who believe it is tactical and so simple that anyone can do it. Gaining certification as a Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) reminded me of why I enjoy doing what I do. When we operate strategically, communicators make meaning; we engage people and we act as the conscience of the organisation. We support organisations to become better workplaces and we encourage values-led decision making by leaders. In doing so, we help our organisations to progress. Being recognised as a SCMP certificant globally acknowledges I have the skills and experience to do these things well and that’s got to be beneficial for my career. I encourage other experienced communicators in APAC to take the plunge with certification.”

Rita Zonius, SCMP
Director | The Enterprise Social Engineer Pty Ltd, Australia