Chapter Management Awards

About the CMAs

Every year at the International Leadership Institute, chapters from around the world are given the opportunity to submit case studies highlighting their achievements. We are proud to showcase the winning chapters in APAC and their outstanding work in their communities.

2020 APAC Winners

  • International Chapter of the Year: IABC Houston
  • Chapter Leader of the Year: Sia Papageorgiou, FRSA, SCMP
  • Region Leader of the Year: Zora Artis, GAICD, SCMP, FAMI, CPM
  • Small Chapter of the Year: IABC Central Oklahoma
  • Medium Chapter of the Year: IABC Houston
  • Large Chapter of the Year: IABC British Columbia

Award of Excellence winners

  • IABC BC: Engaging Students and Young Professionals
  • IABC BC: Mentoring
  • IABC Calgary: Mentoring
  • IABC Edmonton: Mentoring
  • IABC Edmonton: Professional Development
  • IABC Houston: Professional Development
  • IABC Kansas City: Communication Management
  • IABC Kansas City: Professional Development
  • IABC London: Professional Development
  • IABC London: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Manitoba: Professional Development
  • IABC Ottawa: Membership Marketing
  • IABC Ottawa: Volunteer Engagement & Leadership Development
  • IABC Queensland: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Tulsa: Chapter Events
  • IABC Tulsa: Professional Development
  • Award of Merit winners
  • IABC BC: Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • IABC BC: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Canberra: Chapter Events
  • IABC Central Oklahoma: Financial Management
  • IABC Central Oklahoma: Mentoring
  • IABC Central Oklahoma: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Chicago: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Detroit: Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • IABC Houston: Chapter Events
  • IABC Houston: Communication Management
  • IABC Houston: Financial Management
  • IABC Houston: Mentoring
  • IABC Houston: Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • IABC Kansas City: Engaging Students and Young Professionals
  • IABC Kansas City: Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • IABC London: Professional Development
  • IABC London: Chapter Event
  • IABC London: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Ottawa: Strategic Planning
  • IABC Queensland: Chapter Events
  • IABC San Diego: Financial Management
  • IABC Victoria: Chapter Events
  • IABC Victoria: Professional Development
  • IABC Victoria: Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • IABC Victoria: Volunteer Engagement & Leadership Development

2019 APAC Winners

  • Chapter Leader of the Year
    Kristy Christie, Malaysia

IABC Canberra

  • Award of Merit – Engaging Students and Young Professionals
  • Award of Merit – Strategic Planning

IABC Malaysia

  • Award of Merit – Volunteer Engagement & Leadership Development
  • Best ‘Lazy Leader’ Implementation
  • Most Instagrammable Event

IABC New South Wales (NSW)

  • Award of Merit – Sponsorships/Partnerships

IABC Victoria

  • Award of Excellence – Professional Development

IABC Wellington

  • Award of Merit –  Chapter Events
  • Award of Excellence – Sponsorships/Partnerships

Why Wellington is a Winner

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