Communicating bad news with heart: Webinar, November 2016

​Join us in November as Shaun Jones, Head of Communications for New Zealand’s Contact Energy, conducts an online session about delivering bad news with compassion and humanity. Full details on time and date to come. 

Past Events

5-8 June 
IABC World Conference, New Orleans Louisiana, US

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24 February – IABC Canberra
2016 Kickoff Cocktail Hour, Canberra, Australia

25 February – IABC Canberra
Chat’em House, Canberra, Australia 

25 February – IABC NSW
Communicators role in agile working, Sydney Australia

25 February – IABC Wellington
Doing – not saying: Being distinctive in a flat world – Peter Biggs, Wellington NZ

29 February – IABC Hong Kong
On the grid, communications in an entirely online world, Kong Kong.

2 March – IABC QLD
Crisis Communications, Brisbane Australia

10 March – IABC Canberra
Identifying and managing issues in complex government environments, Canberra Australia

22 March – IABC Victoria
Changing organisations, Changing work & Changing roles – implications for communicators, Victoria Australia

31 March – IABC Canberra
Chat’em House, Canberra Australia