Telstra Ignite: A Case Study on Empowering Employees to Embrace Social Media



Research continues to show we trust recommendations from people we know more than any other source. On top of this, more and more people now refer to social media for news and information – and people are more connected than ever before. The average person has 10X as many connections as a company has followers on LinkedIn. With online networks comprising of millions of Australians, Telstra identified an opportunity for its most credible advocates, its employees, to positively influence the way their network views and connects with Telstra. Telstra Ignite is a program aimed at educating Telstra employees on the value of social media – both personally and professionally – and empowering them to share Telstra stories, in a way that is right for them.

About the Speaker
Rebecca Sleeman is a social media strategist and program manager at Telstra responsible for driving cross-company programs to grow the companies effectiveness on social. Now leading Telstra’s social brand presence, Rebecca previously developed Telstra’s social governance process, rolled out social listening capabilities across the business and launched the Telstra Ignite social media program. Prior to Telstra, Rebecca was based in New York where she lead social planning and strategy for clients, including Oreo, Clinique and Kraft, at 360i. 

Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
7.30am – India
10.00am – Malaysia/ Singapore
12.00pm – Brisbane/ Sydney
2.00pm – Fiji
​3.00pm – NZ