FREE WEBINAR: The Best Practices Of A Modern Social Executive

You’re in the midst of the next social media evolution. Mobile video consumption has grown precipitously and the rise of video platforms and virtual reality are going to make a significant difference to the way everyone consumes content. In this period of accelerated digital evolution, how can executives make sure they survive- or stand out? And are socially inactive executives dinosaurs in the digital world?

So why is it important for executives to be social? One reason, consumers.

​In 2015 the Financial Times reported 77 percent of consumers would buy more from their favorite brands if the company’s CEO was tweeting. A Brandfog survey also revealed 75 percent of consumers believe C-Suite social media engagement makes a brand seem more honest and trustworthy, up 7 percent from the previous survey. With public trust in institutions and ‘experts’ at an all time low, 2018 is the year of the authentic executive.

How can leaders effectively and authentically communicate with their audiences both internally and externally?

Darren Sibson will take you through the lessons learnt from arguably Australia’s most socially engaged leader – ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott. With a large presence across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Shayne has built a collaborative and inclusive culture for customers and staff.