Mastermind Circle: Singapore Breakfast

Distance is no barrier for IABC APAC, with the regional board eager to ensure an engaging experience for their Members-at-Large: IABC members who don’t reside within 80 kilometers of a local chapter.

The IABC APAC regional board has a dedicated Director of Members-at-Large Outreach, Linda Lim, and Linda has drawn on an initiative of IABC Minnesota to create an APAC Masterminds Circle.

“Senior practitioners appreciate having a circle of peers with whom they can discuss common concerns and challenges and IABC provides that environment,” remarks Linda.

“In locations where we don’t have IABC chapters, we are establishing Masterminds Circles – virtual or in-person gatherings – to ensure our Members-at-Large do not miss out on the benefit of having a personal group of counsels. Our Members-at-Large also have access to the rich resources that IABC provides to all members.  In addition, we want them to benefit from the incomparable insights and experiences of our fellow members too.  IABC is the catalyst and Masterminds Circle is the platform for connection,” adds Linda.