How our IABCAPAC community can help bushfire-affected communities recover

Much of Australia is currently experiencing unprecedented bushfire activity – in many cases, communities have been experiencing bushfires and the resulting air pollution for months. It’s not just Australians being impacted, with smoke and ash from dozens of fires causing issues as far away as New Zealand.

Thousands of people have been evacuated, at least 24 people have lost their lives and thousands of homes have been lost. It’s hard to stand by, wondering how we can help those that are affected by the fire. One of the special qualities of IABC is its sense of caring and community, and we know many of our members from across the Asia Pacific region want to help – many already have contributed by donating and volunteering.

Here are some options for monetary donations:

This article aims to collate some of the many ways in which our members can contribute to help bushfire communities recover. The Red Cross says donating money is the best way to help those affected, but you need to know it’s going to the right place.



Other ways to help

Spend with them

The @spendwiththem campaign on Instagram highlights affected communities and ways that people can help rebuild towns or businesses affected by fire by purchasing products created in these fire (or drought) affected areas.

Work giving programs

Many employers, particularly in the financial services sector, are matching staff donations dollar for dollar so if you work for an employer who is matching donations please consider donating that way to make your donation stretch even further.

Crafty assistance

Conservative estimates are that many millions of native Australian animals have been killed or severely impacted by the fires. WIRES always requires knitted pouches for baby rescue animals, and for any crafty IABC members, its website has instructions on how to make animal pouches –

Retail therapy

Spend money in areas impacted by the fires. You can make a start by checking out the #Buyfromthebush campaign

Offer accommodation Accommodation provider Airbnb has activated its Open Homes program in New South Wales and Victoria, offering temporary places to stay for those affected by the fires. If you have a home that could be used to house evacuees, consider registering at