IABC Canberra webinar: Are you crisis ready?

IABC Canberra is holding an event with veteran crisis management specialist, Peter Rekers on Thursday 11 June. This event will explore how to prepare for, anticipate and execute public information and communication campaigns for a crisis.

With over 30 years emergency experience, Peter Rekers is professionally recognised as being one of the most veteran and polished crisis management specialists in Australia. He has firsthand experience of fires, floods, cyclones, floods, prison riots, wars and has worked in industries as diverse as aviation through to childcare. His experience encompasses developing crisis management communications systems and risk management systems for private and public sectors, to operational experience in war zones as a senior communications officer, to being a Spokesperson for various agencies and Governments, to coordinating the communication strategy disasters (including pandemic planning) for all levels of Government.

When: Thursday 11 June 2020.

Click here to register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/iabc-canberra-webinar-are-you-crisis-ready-tickets-107504236064