Free webinar: Story Powered Leadership


Story Powered Leadership: how to engage, influence and inspire

How do we make our messaging impactful as leaders? How do we inspire and engage our employees? How do we effectively drive change and help our people connect to purpose?

We all understand the organic power of stories in a personal context and indeed, we are storytellers, be it when we are with friends, family or in social settings. However, when it comes to business/work, there seems to be some hesitation in harnessing the power of stories to engage emotions and hence influence action.

Join us for an interactive webinar presented by Soundari Mukherjea on powering leadership with stories, in a structured manner, to create memorable and inspiring messaging.

About the presenter:

Soundari Mukherjea is the Founding Partner of TSol, a Leadership Consultancy firm focussing on Business Storytelling, Future Work Skills and Transformation projects. TSoL works with leaders and teams to harness the power of stories in a business context to engage, inspire and influence, thus bringing humanity to the workplace.

Having worked for over 20 years in the areas of Finance, Operations, Banking and Entrepreneurship with Unilever, ANZ and now, TSol, Soundari has an insider’s view on the challenges that organisations and teams face and this drives her passion while working on various consulting and capability building projects.

Wednesday 9 September, 2.00pm AEST (60 minute free event)
9.30am IST / 12.00pm MYT / 4.00pm NZST