Top 5 takeaways from #CASummit

Top 5 takeaways from #CASummit

IABC APAC is a longtime partner of the Corporate Affairs Summit ­– Australia’s premium event for corporate affairs and communication professionals. We’re fortunate to be able to provide learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to our members through exclusive rates, as well as scholarships to the event. Three of our members were fortunate to attend and have shared their top 5 takeaways from #CASummit.

Susan Redden Makatoa, FPRIA, GAICD

Group Managing Director Australia, Edelman

    1. Richard Edelman saying – employer media is the most trusted channel. The role of employee Comms has never been more important.
    2. The heightened expectations of business to act and speak out on societal issues – but it needs to have a clear link to company purpose and stakeholders.
    3. The rise of importance of staff, customers, community over shareholders.
    4. The changing nature of government relations in an inter COVID world, and especially proposing solutions and joint efforts.
    5. The future of talent – understanding business operations, combining portfolios and being able to flex to different disciplines.
Chris Saxby

Brand, Marketing & Communications Business Partner, Markets & Capabilities, Aurecon

    1. It takes time but you need to develop trust with your audience.
    2. To develop trust you need to communicate authentically.
    3. Despite the distances that COVID-19 has created, it has also demonstrated the importance of having relationships and being able to call on these when you can’t get face-to-face interaction.
    4. There is no company in Australia that owns the social conscience space and this is wide open for a company to take.
    5. Never go to Canberra during a sitting week if you want to try and meet with journalists, ministers or their advisers.
Kieran McCann

Head of Content and Thought Leadership, PwC Australia

President, IABC New South Wales

    1. We are living in a world going through trauma; an ‘infodemic’ not just a pandemic; trust in information is under threat and we need comms to support and lead.
    2. Just as the pandemic has been a once in a generation boost for ecommerce/technology so has it been for the credibility of communication.
    3. It’s time to move from conversion to conversation, from product/brand to reputation/purpose and from attention to trust.
    4. Employer media is seen as the most believable source of information – our roles have never been more important than ever.
    5. Employees are your key influencers and the importance of supporting them has never been more important. When speaking to your employees; speed of decision making and consistency is key, adapt quickly, and tell it like it is (drop the formality).