Invest in your career – you got this!

The IABC is a vibrant global membership association with thousands of members from around the world. We set a standard of excellence in communication – since 1970.

The IABC delivers on this global standard through educational offerings, certification, an awards program, a resource library, online magazine and annual World Conference.

As professional communicators, the work that you have been doing over the past two years has never been so important, and communicators now more than ever are critical to business success, performance and reputation safeguarding.

As communicator, now is the time to invest in your career, and the time for organisations to support their communication teams in supporting the business.

Here are strong arguments for employers to invest in an IABC membership for the communicators in their business:

  • Membership is an unrivaled opportunity to learn and network with thought leaders and industry experts
  • These learnings will ensure the team remains up-to-date with industry best practice
  • Best practice will be applied at the organisation, highlighting any key ideas to enhance the team’s performance
  • Resources for members to upskill and share learnings with colleagues
  • Connections with APAC-wide and global business communicators ensures that global best practice and innovative thinking is implemented
  • Case studies, tools, webinars and career development tools to help the organisation stay across the latest thinking
  • Professional events and workshops with industry thought leaders
  • Peer to peer mentoring through IABC’s Mastermind Circles program
  • Online learning through IABC Advance
  • The opportunity to secure ISO accredited professional certification (CMP, SCMP)
  • Facilitates building an external network to uncover potential topics and presenters that would benefit the organisation

Now, what about the cost?

It’s member month now – don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself, and the organisation, while enjoying a whopping 20% discount on dues. Anyone with a membership less than three months before expiry can take advantage of this discount, and your existing membership will run its course before your renewal takes effect.

Membership pays for itself: Each event normally costs A$50-$75, workshops A$100-$125, member only resources, Special Interest Groups, tools and deep discounts to accreditation, awards entries and online education all add up to several thousands of Australian dollars of value. The intangible benefits of networking and leadership development will provide an immediate return on investment.

Find the membership type that suits you

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