Inspiring Women Podcast – Now Available

If you missed the Inspiring Women event held in Melbourne on 9 February 2023, a podcast is now available with bonus content. Soundtoys Ultimate FX Solution VST Crack

Co-hosted by Monique Zytnik (IABC EMENA board member) and Ross Monaghan (IABC APAC board member), this intimate panel discussion includes great insights from Tineka EveraardtMaria FarmerNatalie Collard and Sally Goldner. You’ll be inspired by stories and strategies of women who have stepped up to show what is possible.

You’ll also hear insights from IABC members Karen Matthews, Catalina Gardescu, Christine Elmer and event guest, and author, Robert Andersson. The podcast is for communication professionals and entrepreneurs of all levels. It’s a leadership discussion for people of all genders about what could be holding you back, real battles you may face and tactics to help you step up. The podcast is available at: