2024/25 Asia Pacific Board: Call for nominations

IABC APAC 2024/25 Board nominations

If you have ever wondered how you might be able to contribute to shaping IABC and make a positive difference to our chapters and members, then we invite you to consider nominating to serve on the IABC Asia Pacific Region Board.

Region Board members make decisions that support the health of the region’s chapters, guide the professional development of our members, the future of IABC, and the profession, and deliver the association’s strategy.

Serving on the IABC Asia Pacific Region Board will help you develop your board and leadership credentials, become more valuable to your organisation or clients, gain greater access to professional content, regional and global peer-to-peer connections, communication best practices, and enhanced networking experiences.

Based in the Asia Pacific region, members in good standing are invited to nominate to serve on the IABC Asia Pacific Board for 2024/25.

Board positions open for nomination in the 2024/25 term are:

● Vice Chair
● Treasurer
● Secretary & Governance Director
● Awards & Recognition Director
● Certification Director
● Brand and Communications Directors (2 roles)
● Marketing and Partnerships Director
● Members-at-Large Engagement and Development Director
● Chapter Engagement and Development Director
● Conference Director.

Nominations are open from Monday 25 March, 2:59pm AEST to Monday 22 April 2024 (deadlines by timezones, here).

The 2024/25 Board slate will be confirmed during the IABC Asia Pacific AGM. The 2024/25 IABC Asia Pacific Board will officially commence on 1 July 2024.

Full details of the commitments and requirements are included in the IABC Asia Pacific 2024-25 Board nomination pack.

Vice Chair nominations

Members wishing to nominate for the role of Regional Vice Chair must nominate through IABC. Information on the Regional Vice Chair nomination process is available in the 2024-25 Regional Vice Chair Candidate Briefing Packet.

Nominations must be done through the IABC website. Vice Chair nominations close 2:59pm AEST, 22 April 2024 (deadlines by timezones, here).

Please note that the Vice Chair position is for a 3-year term. During the 2025/26 term, it will transition to the regional chair role and then to the Immediate Past Chair role in 2026/27.

During their time on the Board, this role will:

● As Vice Chair, serve on the IABC International Nominations Committee.
● As Regional Chair, will serve on the IABC International Membership Committee.
● As Immediate Past Chair, will serve on the IABC International Executive Board.

Director nominations

If you would like any other position on the IABC Asia Pacific Regional Board, please complete the Board Nomination form and submit it to iabcasiapacific@gmail.com by 2:59pm AEST Monday 22 April 2024.

Nomination deadlines by timezone are available here.

If you have any questions, please email Vice Chair, Ross Monaghan at vicechair@iabcapac.com.