IABC APAC World Conference Scholarship awarded

IABC APAC is pleased to announce that the IABC APAC Region scholarship to attend the IABC World Conference in Chicago, Illinois, 23-26 June 2024 goes to – Anthony Alcantara, MTM!

Take a sneak peak…

Anthony and attendees at the conference will be able to hear from many IABC APAC speakers including Adrian Cropley who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Adrian is the Founding Partner of the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence and is focused on helping leaders and organisations communicate purposefully. He will be running a dialogue den with Bonnie Caver on: Ethics, Governance, and Responsible Use of AI in a Changing World, where they will discuss AI and responsible use. He is an APAC member and past IABC Chair.

In this IABC EMENA podcast, he’s joined by fellow conference speakers Lisa Riemers and Michael Nord to discuss communication trends in a session hosted by Monique Zytnik.

Have you got your tickets yet? Find out more and register here: https://wc.iabc.com/