Philippine TV Exec, Malaysia PR Guru win top honors at IABC APAC’s COTY 2024

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Asia Pacific today named two visionary and prominent leaders— a well-respected Philippine TV executive and lawyer from the Philippines and a seasoned public relations veteran from Malaysia as the winners of its 2024
Communicator of the Year Awards in two categories.

Atty. Felipe Gozon, chairman and immediate past CEO of GMA Network Inc., and Senior Partner at Belo Gozon Elma Parel Asuncion & Lucila, was named winner in the Executive Leader Category while Prof. HJ. Mohd Said Bani, founder and owner of bzBee Consult, from Malaysia won in the Senior Communication Professional Category.

Atty. Gozon is the third consecutive winner from the Philippines to win in the Executive Leader category. He is a distinguished communicator in both the courtroom and the boardroom. In GMA, he is admired for his clear vision, unwavering integrity, and viewer-centric approach.

“This award is meaningful as it recognizes the crucial role of communication in business. Communication is strategic, inclusive, and rooted in truth. It is a cornerstone of a successful enterprise. Well-crafted and inspiring, it has the power to move minds and hearts. Receiving this accolade is even more special as we mark the 74th anniversary of GMA Network. It reflects our commitment to leadership and innovation in the Philippine broadcast industry and across Asia,” he said.

Prof. Bani, the first from Malaysia to win in the prestigious regional communication awards, has 35 years of professional experience under his belt, and is the founder and owner of bzBee Consult. He is highly experienced in all aspects of communication and is the current President of the Public Relations & Communications Association of Malaysia (PRCA Malaysia) and advisor to many committees both in the Public and Private sectors.

“This recognition underscores the transformative power of communication in our complex and interconnected world. I share this achievement with my incredible team, whose dedication, creativity, and support have been instrumental. As communicators, we wield the power and bear the responsibility to shape narratives, influence perceptions, and connect with people. Let us continue to harness this power ethically and with integrity,” he said.

IABC Asia Pacific Chair Kane Errol Choa commends this year’s winners with these words: “We are thrilled to honor Atty. Felipe Gozon and Prof. HJ. Mohd Said Bani. Their unwavering commitment to excellence in communication exemplifies the highest standards of our profession. Their work not only advances their respective organizations but also elevates the field of strategic communication across the Asia Pacific region.”

Liza Vengco, IABC Asia Pacific Awards and Recognition Director, emphasizes the importance of having new role models that inspire the next generation of communicators. “Recognizing this year’s winners highlights the transformative power of strategic communication. Their leadership and innovation set a benchmark for communicators worldwide. We are proud to celebrate their achievements and are inspired by their dedication to ethical and impactful communication,” she said.

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