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Kieran McCann of IABC New South Wales has kindly shared their business case letter so new members can request an investment in their professional development to their organisations.

Feel free to customise these for use in your organisation or chapter!

Sia Papageorgiou of IABC Victoria has designed two beautiful infographics, ideal for sharing on social media:

As professional communicators, we all understand the importance of adhering to brand guidelines.

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent and powerful representation of its brand globally.

These guidelines cover visual identity and tone of voice, emphasising the importance of aesthetics, communication style, and the behavioural aspects that reflect IABC’s unique value proposition. By following these guidelines, chapters can maintain their individuality through localised programs and cultural nuances while aligning with the overarching identity of IABC.

You’ll find the IABC Brand Identity Guidelines here.

Maintaining accurate, reliable, and accountable finances at the chapter and region levels is an important part of IABC.

While many board members have managed budgets in their professional lives, others have not. Regardless of your circumstances, as an IABC board member you have important responsibilities and duties and having at least a basic understanding of financial management is vital.

Learn what responsibilities you have as a board member in this IABC APAC Finance for Board Members learning module.

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